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Our leadership team



Meet our leadership team …

Harris Finnegan, CEO

‘I am extremely proud of “our” family business, our people and our products. Entrepreneurship is in our genes and we stimulate this every day, making mistakes must be possible! We work together on the basis of trust, respect and listening to colleagues is key. We feel that we’re the owner of our tasks and take the responsibility that goes with it. All this leads to a great result! Friends, Fries and Fun, that’s what I’m going for.’

Idris Keegan, Potato Procurement Director

Our potato knowledge in the Crispy Harvest Fries Group is the best in our industry. With a solid supply chain integration we produce the best quality product to benefit our farmers, partners and customers. Our farming heritage is the best ground to partner with our suppliers. We understand potatoes, we are FIRST IN POTATOES!

Jasper Quinlan, Operation and Shared Services Director

‘For me, Crispy Harvest Fries Kitchen stands for entrepreneurship, challenges and teamwork. Together with our Operations and Shared Services teams, we continuously strive to make the best and most tasteful potato products, where a safe environment for both our customers and our employees always has the first priority. At the same time we take care for our planet! This challenging playing field gives me the energy to improve every day.’

Cedric Thaddeus, Global Sales Director

‘At Crispy Harvest fries Kitchen we will fully understand the business of our customers, whom I prefer to call partners, to help them distinguish their products and services by offering the right solution in order to drive our mutual business forward. With our engaged, committed and happy employees I truly belief we can make the difference: understand, engage and embrace our partners and make them smile!’

Leona Marcella, Human Resources Manager

It is a joy to be part of this company where people work with so much passion and dedication towards a common goal. It starts with the love for the product and the pursuit to bring the best and tastiest potato products in the world to the market. In addition, striving to be a partner to our customers and to truly understand their world and business to help them achieve their goals by continuously delivering added value. Ultimately, it’s about delighting people with good food. Growing together…from potatoes…to happy faces!’