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Delicious fries and potato specialities; that’s a real treat!

Fries are becoming even more popular, all over the world. Especially when they are produced fresh from the field. Because fries are tasty… But tastes differ, and some love thin French fries, where others adore thick wedges or a crunchy bite. We know exactly which types and tastes match the various preferences. We love to assist you in selecting the right type of fries (or any other potato product), and give you a taste for more on your own plate as well…
Be inspired and make sure your guests get their forks in the right product….What can we do for you?


When it comes to success, you are as good as your last portion served. 

Chef’s Harvest

The Ultimate Taste


A world of taste!

Quick Oven Fries

Easy and quick preparation
Did you know……

...that fries absorb the most fat when they are taken out of the oil, not while they are frying? This is why the frying time and temperature are so important. As soon as the fries are placed in hot oil, the water in the potato evaporates, leaving behind small holes that the fat can enter. This is why fries need to be shaken well when they are taken out of the oil.