Crispy harvest fries kitchen

Sustainability Report 2021

Crispy Harvest Fries Kitchen  is proud to present its Sustainability Report 2021. Find out more about how we are working to make our organisation more sustainable.

Every day, people all over the world enjoy our delicious potato products. That’s how we realise our vision: growing together… from potatoes to happy faces! A major focus for Crispy Harvest fries Kitchen is to achieve this while minimising our environmental footprint. It is the reason why we are constantly working to make our entire operation more sustainable, from farm to fork.

In 2018, we set a number of ambitious sustainable goals in areas including climate change, agriculture, food waste, water management and packaging. Our Sustainability Report 2021 provides an update on our progress towards these goals. We share both our achievements and the challenges we have faced in the past two years. The report also covers our sustainability best practices as well as promising experiments our team is working on. From purifying water through reverse-osmosis to promoting biodiversity through wildflower strips in agricultural areas. And from using thinner plastic film to package our products to generating green energy from potato peels. The report also features inspiring interviews with Crispy Harvest Fries Kitchen colleagues who share their sustainable expertise.

In short, we are proud to present this sustainability report. Together we will grow a greener planet!